moving day


I’m over here!


february baby sweater

pattern: baby sweater on two needles by Elizabeth Zimmermann, from Knitter’s Almanac

for: Isabelle & Patrick’s baby

yarn: grey Cotton Ease (easy to clean, hides stains relatively well)

needles: size 7 addi turbos

time: June 24 to June 27

overall: Completely rejuvinating knit for me. I’ve been spending my time with tiny stitches–too many 2.5mm stitches everywhere. Even my Clapotis is slowing to a crawl. And voila! I feel better! This was a spicy interlude, something I wanted to do for a few months now anyway, and it provided respite in my lax month of knitting. It was fast and I loved every second of it. I could set my knitting aside after an hour and actually be able to tell I was making progress.

a note on the toggles: It was important to me to make a button decision that was a slight variation on both the pattern and what other people have done. So many people have made this and the variations out there were wonderfully inspiring.  The color!  I love being surprised by people’s choices.  I figured I’d do something I hadn’t seen yet.  Toggles. I love toggles.  We haven’t known each other long enough for you to know that about me, but I love them. They’re oddly cozy and rustic, if not a little bit snazzy.

If you haven’t yet…make this sweater!  It’s fun and EZ is a must-read.  The confidence she projects to her readers is so valuable to anyone’s knitting experience.  Go for it, do what works for you.

back in the swing of things

After a brief blog hiatus, I return with very little knitting done.  My drive out west was such a big opportunity, yet despite everyone telling me how gorgeous the drive was, no one could have prepared me for just how beautiful it would be.  I was glued to the car windows, obssesing over landscapes and every hint of mountains in the distance.  Mountains!  I love them.  My heart stops a little every time Mt. Hood or St. Helens comes into view.  As a girl from the flattest regions of the midwest, they have become my new obsession.  A lifelong love, I think.
Portland has been good to me.  I am staying with friends and am completely enchanted by their kids.  Two years old and eleven months.  They are lovely and crazy, funny and the sweetest things imaginable (obviously I don’t deal with the diapered, nap-taking monsters that surely live inside them!).  They are my biggest distractions day to day.  I’d rather play monster and run around than finish a sock or two.  It’s just more fun.
I am halfway through a four-part interview process with a company out here.  I am really intimidated by their methods and the interviews are really long.  I usually interview well, and apparently still do, seeing as they asked me back for the third time.  I can’t believe there is a third time involved at all, let alone a fourth, but there are a lot of people to talk to.  I didn’t feel at my best in the second round, but it worked out okay.  It’s grueling.  I bet the FBI doesn’t have interviews this thorough.  Wish me luck this Wednesday.
What I’m working on now:
a) Finishing the last half of the final pomatomus sock.  It’s been painfully neglected, but I can’t focus enough on the pattern right now.  A little darling constantly asking, “Whatcha doin’? Hey Megan? Whatcha doin’ ???”  It’s lovely she wants to be so involved with everything, so I don’t mind.  It’s more important to talk to her than count my stitches anyhow.
b) Two Clapotis patterns going.  One mini scarf, one huge wrap.  It’s on size 5 needles and I added eight extra increases.  I don’t think it’s ever going to end.  Ever.  I’m going Clapotis crazy and need a small break.
c) Sweet Pea socks from summer Knitty.  I got new sock yarn here at Close Knit, some greenish Jitterbug that intrigued me.  I mostly started the sock just to see what the yarn looked like knitted up.  I love it.
d) February Baby Sweater from EZ for friends that are anticipating their first baby in September.  It’s been an easy knit so far.
Although I haven’t been knitting as much lately, I feel the quality of my knitting has improved.  The time I devote is exclusive.  I can count in peace, pay attention, sit on the front porch at dusk and just go for it.  It’s relaxing and I appreciate it more.  It’s a lovely change.

Happy solstice!  I hope many happy first days of summer were had.


p o r t l a n d


 After an enjoyable and eventful cross-country drive, complete with unplanned car repairs and crappy hotels, I am here.  Finally!  We’ve been planning this move for two years and all of a sudden I’ve come to this screeching halt. I’m not planning anymore, I’m here, and it’s incredibly surreal.  Now Sean just needs to finish up work and get out here too.  I miss him like crazy and it’s barely been a week.  It’s difficult not to experience this with him, you know?  Five more weeks to go.I’ll get back to posting knitting stuff next week.  I’m on sock #2 for Pomatomus and rowing along with the Gold Hill Clapotis.  I’ve been waiting for new yarn stores…next week I’m going to make the rounds and find a perfect fiber for Ikko, my next project.

Have a good weekend!


farewell chicago

Today I leave for a new life.

I look forward,

and everything I see is amazing.


clapotis progress

As a knitter, there was very little motivation in my projects until last year. There were scarves and other shining examples of knit-purl rows, and this went on for years. I was a boring, beginning knitter for six years. Then something happened. I wanted more. I wanted to make a shawl, and then another, and then all of a sudden, a hat worked it’s way across my needles. I loved circular knitting. I read books like a crazy woman and taught myself new stitches. I copied patterns out of library books that were way over my head. I didn’t care. I’d figure it out. Knitting websites and blogs began to monopolize all the time I spent on the computer (which was fine), and I loved that I found all these people who understood it was perfectly fine to shush your husband while counting stitches. They were like me and it was fantastic. So because of this late-blooming evolution in personal knitting, I am knitting Clapotis. I would have done it sooner, but I wasn’t here yet. It’s enjoyable and easy and I’m happy to have jumped on the bandwagon. And while many, many knitters before me have slipped and twisted these stitches, I may be the first who has spoken of Clapotis without a shudder-worthy pun.


I am getting a surprising amount of knitting done, in between setting up interviews with jobs that I am completely underqualified for (someone offered me a marketing position at a mortgage company…???)  and deciding which shoes I can live without for 4 months (um, none).  I finished my first pomatomus sock and am nearly 1/3 of the way through a full-sized Clapotis.  Another three increases and I’ll be in the dropped stitch straight rows.  My memory card corrupted on me today as I started to take photos, so it will be a few days before I get new ones up.  I really don’t know how that sort of thing happens, but it did.  Thank god it wasn’t my camera. 

Six days left in Illinois.  So nervous and excited.


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